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Hailing from the gritty sonic proving grounds of Spokane, Wa, power-trio Dawn of Life seamlessly bridge the divide between the classic rock greats and modern legends. Since their inception in 2012, Dawn of Life has carved their unique niche in the Spokane music scene with live shows known for their high energy performances and larger than life sound. Referencing artists as diverse as Led Zeppelin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Foo Fighters, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Jack White, Dawn of Life has a style that is unapologetically original and impossible to pigeon hole into a single niche or genre. 

Formed in 2012 as a rock duo by brothers Stephen and Sam Shoemaker (guitar/vocals and drums respectively), Dawn of Life expanded in 2015 with the addition of bassist G Train to become the powerhouse trio they are today. The band's sound has evolved along with their popularity in the local and regional scene. Dawn of Life has performed extensively throughout the region, including amongst  others support sets for national acts Zoso- The ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute, The Young Dubliners and the international touring artist The Marcus King Band at Spokane's top tier Knitting Factory Concert House. 

Dawn of Life has finished up work on their first full length album "A Long Time Coming" recorded at the band's own Infinity Studios in Spokane. In the true spirit of rock 'n roll, the band worked hard to capture in their recording the spontaneous energy that defines Dawn of Life's live performances. As guitarist Stephen Shoemaker explains of their decision to record basic tracks live in the studio, "Sam and I played so much off each other - we feed off each other playing live and we went into the studio with that mindset." The resulting album, with an expected early-mid 2018 release date, is sure to be a rock tour-de-force.

Dawn of Life's 2018 tour plans include expanding to venues throughout the NW in support of the new album - and the band is eagerly anticipating the experience of playing new cities and meeting new fans. A Dawn of Life show is a universal musical experience certain to be well received by almost any audience, and perhaps best defined by drummer Sam Shoemaker: "we're groove music; we're all about good music and fun times and just being able to connect. "

Dawn of Life 

"... We're all about bringing people together through our music, sharing the energy... we're all about a new day and making the best of all you go through..." (Dawn of Life guitarist Stephen Shoemaker, 1/27/18 )