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Dawn of Life 

"... We're all about bringing people together through our music, sharing the energy... we're all about a new day and making the best of all you go through..." (Dawn of Life guitarist Stephen Shoemaker, 1/27/18 )

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 Nestled in the Pacific Northwest resides power trio Dawn Of Life. The energies of Joe Pumphrey on bass, Sam Shoemaker on drums and Stephen Shoemaker on guitar/vocals, creates an experience on stage that takes the audience on a journey of human emotions. With top notch musicianship, they use inspiration from 60’s & 70’s rock, to the grunge movement in the 90’s and everywhere in between. 


  Brothers Stephen & Sam Shoemaker formed the band as a duo in 2012. With Stephen on guitar & vocals and Sam on drums, they quickly had a telepathic connection while improvising together making music. 



  The brothers worked their way up in Spokane’s unforgiving music scene from playing on lawns at community events, battle of the bands,showcase contests to headlining local small clubs. Stephen & Sam wanted to expand the duo to complete a power trio. They had a couple different bass players accompany them until they found the guy who would help them get to the next level. The man on bass guitar was G Train, who joined Dawn Of Life in 2015. G Train’s first show with the band was DOL’s debut at Spokane’s Knitting Factory opening up for the Young Dubliners. The band became a regular local support act for touring bands such as The Marcus King Band, Floater, Young Dubliners, Pigs on the Wing and many more. 


 Dawn Of Life released their debut full length album “A Long Time Coming” in 2018. Shortly before the album release, G Train respectively stepped down as the band’s bass player. 

  After G left, long time fan and hockey buddy of the band, Joe Pumphrey joined the group to complete their final roster. DOL was the first band that both Joe and Stephen had ever been in. The boys hit it off immediately. The band found the missing link that elevated them to the next level. 


 In late fall of 2019 the band set off  to record their second album “The New Twenties” with Jason Baker of Sasquatch? Recording, at the Bingen Theatre. The record captures a feel of a live performance on stage in the historic intimate theater. 


 DOL is planning to tour heavily off “The New Twenties”.  

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